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2018-09-29: New Gallery

I've been travelling again, this time to the mountains north-western Italy near the Mont Blanc and the French High Alps, with my aunt and uncle and my old motorbike, as I try to do omce every year. A few words will follow soon, until then, enjoy the photos:

Italy & France 2019


All taken with a Huawei P30 Pro cellphone (!) except for the one of myself on my old Honda XL600 R made in 1985, which was shot by a professional photographer selling photos of riders he takes unasked...


Welcome to my Homepage

This is a site dedicated to photography and everything related to it.

On this page and today, you find the different sections on the upper right, on top of the handsome guy shooting a beautiful place, as well as on the left side. As this site (hopefully) grows over time, some day I will replace the navigation - box on the left with links to old or obsolete "News" - pages posted here on the start-page. For now, you find the older updates under "Old news", you can only get to from this page and only on the navigation-bar on the left, not on the one on top. The navigation-bar on top will stay.


So...just another photo-site? No, not exactly, but yes, partly. Let me explain:

I'm a photographer. Not a professional, maybe not even very good. But as time went by, there have been one or two people, who actually liked some of my photos. A few of these few keep telling me, that I should show it to others. OK, among these are people, who may be very slightly biased - like my parents. But still ít seems to make sense, when having a hobby creating art, to show this art to people. This is the first reason for my Homepage: I can show you my pictures in my Gallery


Apart from that, you can always have a look at my unsorted and maybe not always well-selected most

IMG_5668_Crop_898x683.jpg  Recent shots

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And as I'm a photographer - not a professional, maybe not even good - but a hobbyist with passion for 25 years now, I've gained some experience over the years. Taking pictures over this long period, I realized three simple things:

Optical impression, the way pictures affect peoples feelings and moods, follows rules!

Photographic equipment is best, when it does what you want, while needing the least possible actions by yourself to do so!

The quality and characteristics of the photographic medium matter a lot more than the quality of cameras and lenses using the same medium.

But as simple as these three things seem to be, as complex are the things that are based on or related to these rules. This experience is the second thing, I want to share here.

Why? Because I often look at photos or forums on the web and think: "Ah, I do this exactly like you, but now I realize, why this doesn't look good!" or "Yes, I did this exactly like you for years, until I realized, that...", meaning: Because it would have saved me a lot of time and helped me a lot in getting a better photographer, if (and sometimes "when") someone told me such things. Why buy, develop, sort, scan and compare film with a color-reproduction, I don't want or like? Only because nobody told me how it looks before....

If you want to know more, please feel free to read the About - section. And if you are interested in the experience itself, please visit the Articles - section, where I write about all sorts of things related to photography, equipment, as well as picture-taking technique, or the Reviews - section, where I share my impressions about cameras, lenses and other equipment, always with the goal to tell you my personal impressions during my personal usage in my personal shooting-style and to create my personal-style photos.

In the future, I'll be permanently adding to all these sections and post any news and updates here on the main page.




A word about supporting this site

I don’t run this site to earn money. I have a real job to earn my living with, a completely normal job. Since everything I write about here I have bought myself, for myself and with my own money from normal shops or ebay-sellers to actually use it, how much and what I am able to write about , depends on the amount of money that I can save and invest in equipment with good conscience. I share all this, because I want to, not to sell it. But when you find this helpful, maybe even as helpful as buying a magazine or book, of course you can support me, if you want. Your benefit is, that you help me being able to afford things to write about here.

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